Creative Energy

This is a re-post from today’s

Last week Carol asked me: Are you doing NANO?

I said: No. I had a plan to write on one of my books (or a new one) every day of November. Instead I’m doing Primary and Tending Grandson Emmett.

Today I’m Getting Grandson Spencer for Overnight.
Tomorrow I’m Grocery Shopping, Helping Clean up the Leaves at the Church, Attending a Baby Shower.
Sunday I’m Going to Blessing of Granddaughter Sadie and a monthly Cub Committee meeting.

Since NANO started, I’ve revised a chapter of my MG historical fiction, written part of one chapter of my MG Bermuda Shorts, written a new beginning chapter and bugged Jane about my YA Timeweavers, written 3-4 blogs, sent emails for WIFYR, read one MG, gotten over my cold, and learned to play (and won 3 games) of online hearts.

I have sworn off the online games and I only have Emmett a couple of times a week.

I think I want to write until I sit down at the computer. Why can’t I make myself write more?

Carol said: Your creative energy is going to other things.

She is right.

Does this ever happen to you?

What do you do to focus?

To make time for your writing?

This week has been almost as busy as last week. More church, family, and friend responsibilities. But, I finished the new chapter with Jane. And. I. like. it. Today I’m back to working on the MGs and I’m *day dreaming* a new book plot.

Anyway, that is the plan.

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