November 6 – Good News – Good Stories – Good books

Do you believe in miracles? A friend posted a great story on Facebook today. When I later googled it, the incident actually happened several years ago. Here’s the link to watch a miracle:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have news items like this reported more often? I think good things happen every day, we just don’t hear about them. Have you seen all the November posts listing what people are thankful for? I like the trend. I’d much rather read good news than more about the “affordable” health care act or random acts of terror or whatever urgent crisis is currently taking place.

So what about books. Without conflict, a book would have a flat plot.

Do you prefer stories with good/happy endings that tie up lose ends? Why or why not?
Do you read to escape the mundane or misery around you?
Do you write for the same reasons?

There has to be some good and bad in a book or the characters can’t change and grow. Are humans the same way? Do we need a little conflict (or a lot) to become our best selves?

By the way, feel free to pass on any good news you hear.

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