Putting off writing

A few weeks ago, I bottled salsa and then more recently I bottled peaches. Two days last week and Monday, I bottled applesauce and made apple jelly. Today, I cleaned out the fridge and threw away the last of the overripe (read: rotting) garden cucumbers that we didn’t get around to eating and I stewed up the last of the garden tomatoes and put them in a casserole.

I’m feeling so domestic!
But, in the back of my mind I know I’m also just putting off writing my memoir.

Here are my current excuses:

It is fall.
It’s cold and rainy today.
I had to read a memoir I got from the library.
I helped my mom with a photo project and took her some dinner.

I seriously need a deadline or something to motivate me to write.

Any ideas?

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One Response to Putting off writing

  1. Debbie Nance says:

    I’ve decided it didn’t help to write that blog. I need to write–all the reasons to JUMP INTO WRITING and some would be the same as my excuses… it’s fall, it’s getting colder, I’ve finished that book from the library, and the most important reasons–no one else will write my stories if I don’t AND no one else knows my stories.

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