Writing is Important–Keep Going

I heard literary agent, Stephen Fraser, http://www.jdlit.com/whoweare.html say that every book has a home. Not that every book will find a home, but that each manuscript has a home. Now. His meaning was that what writers write is worthwhile because it will be important to someone, a reader, somewhere.

Hearing that was very hopeful, very encouraging to me.

I finished my 30 day mentor writing group with Carol Williams. I sent her my last assignment a couple of hours before the final deadline then I waited to hear back from her. For the next few days I hardly touched my computer, though I glanced at it often in passing, until I saw she’d sent a reply. I was actually too afraid to open the email.

What would she think of my writing? Of what I’d revealed about myself in my memoir?

After several minutes, I took a deep breath and opened the email. I won’t share with you what she wrote–the words are too precious, too tender yet, but I will say that Carol’s words were all encouragement. I will print them off in a giant type style and put them where I can read them as I write. The gist was that I should keep going, that my words are of worth.

I read a blog today that describes reaching one reader at a time. The blogger says at the end, “Your audience is out there, waiting for you. Don’t let them down.” So if you need a little writing encouragement, check out the full text below and then get back to your keyboard and go to work because writing is important.


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