Random Thoughts for Today

Okay, I posted that quote and for some reason now I feel like blogging again. 🙂

Jane and her husband are buying a house in Northwest Ohio today. Well, signing the papers to start the process. The house is in the country–doesn’t that sound nice?

I first met Jane when I moved to Toledo, Ohio, with my husband for his job. Jane and I both worked but we met at church and became writing buddies. I worked as a part time secretary and my bosses didn’t care if I wrote when things were quiet. I took an online writing-for-children course and wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote a MG historical fiction novel, a few magazine articles, and a bunch of PBs.

After a couple of years, Jane moved to North Carolina to be closer to her husband’s family and for him to have a different job. And a few years later my husband and I moved back to Utah where we both work from home.

In the meantime, Jane and I have kept up our friendship. Over the years, she kept saying we should write something together so finally we did. And I started my blog about two years ago when we started the book. It took us about a year to write a 90,000 words YA fantasy novel, and then another year to revise and revise and revise it. Now it is finished to the point we can seriously start subbing it and we started a second book set in the same fantasy world. I also finished a MG book that I’m writing with Rick Walton.

Writing with other people is good. But I am sometimes ready to move faster than my co-authors. I think I need to start on another project. One to write on in between. I’m taking Carol Lynch William’s advanced writing class in June and just learned that I need 20 pages to submit for critique of a contemporary novel. I have found my project!

Better get to it!

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