Quote for the day + more

“If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it — I might be writing in my dreams.” –Danzae Pace

I laughed when I read the above quote. I can relate. I’ve spent a lot of time on writing the past few days.  Jane and I finished the revisions to the beginning  chapters of Timeweavers a little over a week ago.  (It is good, if I say so myself.)  But I hadn’t read the entire Timeweavers manuscript for months so that was the task I set for myself.

I found many little things to tweak and I’ve put in the time to do so–includng a couple of 12-15 hour days.  And now, Jane and I have almost gone through them all. The result is the manuscript is stronger, more consistent, and best of all, it will be ready when an agent or editor asks to read it.

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