The Grammar Hokey Pokey

Today I was trying to figure out the correct usage of ellipses (you know the three little periods in a row). It reminded me of a post by Ash Krafton, who is a speculative fiction writer, that I read about a week ago on punctuation. I went back and reread the article and enjoyed it enough to borrow the title for my post.  Here is an excerpt, perhaps you’ll get a chuckle…

“You put the comma in…
You take the comma out…
You put the comma in
And you shake your fists about…

“We’re always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. Our voice. Our stories. Our hooks. Our platforms. Those are all good ways. But…grammar? Grammar is non-negotiable. You don’t want to stand out by re-writing the rules. I mean, you wouldn’t type your query or synopsis in txt spk (lol) or ALL CAPS, would you? Louder is not better. It’s just annoying. Bad grammar is annoying, too. Learn the rules. Improve your craft. Be a master of language. That’s a much better way to stand out.” 

I remember reading something a few years ago about a famous poet who said he spent the morning putting in a comma, and the afternoon taking it out.  I hope my revisions don’t ever take that long!  Speaking of that, Jane and I completed the revisions to Secrets of the Kalaghata so we’re about ready to submit it somewhere.

As a side note, I attended a presentation by my friend and author, Cinda Willams Chima, at the Provo Library last evening. Rick Walton got me a ticket.  🙂  Afterward, several of us went to dinner. The food was good and we had a nice time. It was good to see Cinda again. I hope she comes the next time she launches a book.

Also, got to see copies of the early readers that Rick did a couple of years ago for a Koren company that teaches phonics. Fun!

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