Creativity and Cursive Writing

I read a post on QueryTracker today by Carolyn Kaufman. She said, in part, “In Indiana, schools are no longer required to teach cursive writing. The emphasis, instead, is on typing skills. I keep wondering if this approach will cut off an important route to creative thinking.” She goes on to say that she feels like she is more creative when she writes in cursive.

I know other writers who feel writing with a pencil/pen and pad increases their creative juices. I don’t find that necessarily true for me, I’d rather type. It’s easier to edit. Though sometimes I’ll scribble on a piece of paper when my computer isn’t handy. Even then, I mostly print.

I do think it is interesting that schools are moving away from teaching cursive. I read somewhere that in a few years, children won’t be able to read cursive anymore –that it will be like hieroglyphics. If that happens, I wonder if we, as a society, will lose many creative works of literature.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Creativity and Cursive Writing

  1. kjw616 says:

    I have wondered when i read that how children will be able to read old letters and documents or even sign a document if they are not taught cursive writing. I believe it is a huge mistake.

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