Search for Success

Since this is my “writing journal” more/less, this post is about success as a  writer. But many of the things it takes to become a successful writer are the same things it takes to be successful at anything you want to do.  I read this post on QueryTracker by Danyelle Leafty (writes MG and YA fantasy) and thought it was worth sharing. So here it is, in part:

“The search for success, no matter where that success may take place in, is a path full of sacrifice, hard work, joy, and a thousand other emotions words have no name for.

“Ultimately, we all have our own path to success that will often be unlike those of our friends, our crit partners, or others who have gone on before. But the tools we use to get there are generally something we have in common, no matter what stage we’re in or what we’re aiming for.

“Hard work and tenacity. And wisdom to know when it’s time to hold on for dear life, and when it’s time to find a new dream.

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