Good Books

Before getting the PBs for Rick’s class, I’d picked up a stack of middle grade books from the library. I read, “Flat Broke” by Gary Paulsen in a couple of evenings. I enjoyed this funny mostly-for-boys book about a middle-schooler and his problems. Paulsen is the author of the companion book, “Liar, Liar” and a bunch of others. It reminded me that I really do like MG books and I’d like to try my hand at writing one again–this time one that is humorous.

The next book from the stack that caught my eye was, “The Last Martin” by Jonathan Friesen. This book had me laughing  outloud, despite the somber first line: “I was born dead.”  I read it in one day, I was totally hooked, and couldn’t put it down. “The Last Martin” is a delight! It is the story of another middle-schooler and his problems that swirl around his unique family (including his germaphobic mother) and friends. I’m adding it to my list of books to buy and would recommend it to everyone.  

Another good book, written by Rick Walton is,”Cinderella CTR,” which is now available at Seagull Book. It had been out of print, but I saw it in their latest catalog. I love this book and so do my ten-year-old granddaughters! It has some inside jokes for people who are LDS and it shows Rick’s quirky sense of humor. The ad says: “Princesses of all ages will love this fun fairy tale about the true meaning of ‘happily ever after.'” I agree.

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