Taking Risks

Today I linked this blog with my facebook account.

This may not seem like much of a risk–and in truth it isn’t.  But I have been writing this blog for about 16 months with only a handful of readers and today I’m opening it up to the world of facebook. 

The blog was originally intended to be for Jane and me to write about the journey we’re on to become published writers. The process is slow.  So the blog has become my personal “writing journal.”  

I mostly post snippits of articles and/or quotes on the craft of writing, my opinion of various books I read, and/or things I learn at workshops and conferences.  SO to any of you out there reading this for the first time. WELCOME!

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One Response to Taking Risks

  1. I am reading this today, as I do every time it is published. Debbie, I love your snippets and your insight. You keep me connected to what’s important about writing. I am so glad you are linking to Facebook, so more people will see your writing.

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