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I drove my son to the library the other day to pick up a book that he had on hold. While there, I got a couple of Mette Ivy Harrison’s books and then looked to see if the sequels were in for Holly Black’s and Kathleen Duey’s books. Kathleen’s Sacred Scars was available so I checked it out and read it. 

I liked the ending much better than the first book–meaning it didn’t seem abrupt and was more satisfying.  However, she did include more cuss words (which I didn’t think necessary) and there was a point where I’d decided not to finish the book because the plot seemed to drag.  But then I read one more chapter and the pace picked up.  I checked out the author’s website and found out the third book in the series is still being written so perhaps I’ll read it when it becomes available.  One obvious thing is that Kathleen is passionate about her writing.

Mette is Rick Walton’s sister-in-law and I’ve intended to read something of hers for quite a while.  I’m about halfway through Princess and The Hound and so far so good.

I’ve heard it said that it’s a good idea to read everything you can in the genre you write so that is one reason I’m reading all of these YA fantasies.  However, I actually prefer to read middle grade so maybe Jane and I will attempt one for our next project.

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