Writing Advice and WIFYR

A couple of days ago, I finally registered for this year’s WIFYR even though I hadn’t had time to check out the faculty.  So today I was reading bios, and, of course, now wish I had registered earlier and had more money to have signed up for the full day workshops.  

In fact, there are several faculty members from whom I would love to take workshops!  Among them is A.E. Cannon.  When asked what advice she would give writers here’s what she wrote: 

“The first is that you will always be busy. There is no time in your life when writing will be easy or convenient….The second is that you should never write yourself out. Stop in the middle of an idea, a sentence, or a paragraph so that you can start right up the next day….The third is that you should actively seek out the kind of books you want to write and use them as models in the same way art students copy the old masters when learning basic techniques. Most of my books have another book (not by me) behind them.”

I’m looking forward to the afternoon sessions of the conference. I hope to learn a lot, network, and see friends. Let me know if you’re going to attend and I’ll watch for you.

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