Future of Children’s Books – quote

“On the way to his lecture, I asked Leonard Marcus (The Minders of Make-Believe) about the future of children’s books. He said that some people believed the invention of the bicycle would be the demise of reading. Children would be too worked-up to settle down with a book. Radio caused a similar uproar. And, television? Oh, my, kids would never read again! That kind of historic perspective reminded me not to worry too much about how stories will reach readers in the future, but to make sure that I’m telling the best stories possible.” –Sydney Salter, SCBWI Utah-Idaho Co-Regional Advisor

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One Response to Future of Children’s Books – quote

  1. Books, along with everything else, compete for a child’s time. So, I agree that it is in the best interest of all parties to write and publish the best books that we can.

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