God Bless America

I rarely include political or religious items in my blogs, but the recent news can’t be ignored.  My thanks go to all those serving in our military and my thoughts turn to the families of those who died in the horror of 9/11 and hope they now find some closure.  God Bless America!  And may our world be a safer place!

On a lighter note, here is what my friend Rick Walton wrote on facebook about the situation (quoted with permission):

Obama got Osama!
Tell your papa, tell your mama.
Tell the Pope and Dalai Lama
That Osama’s gone away.

…Obama got Osama!
And we all sing rama lama
Ding dong to you Osama.
What a monumental day.

Obama got Osama!
Coming soon in Cinerama,
The much awaited drama.
We’ll be cheering in the dark.

Obama got Osama!
He was shot in his pajama.
And we now replace the comma
With an exclamation mark!

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