Advanced Writing Workshop

I mentioned that Jessica Garrison really helped me at the recent workshop I attended.  One thing she did, was to give me a list of books that she thought had a similar “feel” to mine and Jane’s.  So I got the books from the library to read.  And I have to say that I loved Graceling by Kristin Cashore.   I’d recommend it to those who like fantasy and romance combined.  Caution: it’s older YA though, so the themes are more adult.  I thought the ending was especially touching.  Kristin Cashore is a good writer and I wouldn’t mind having our book compared to hers. 

I also read Eon by Alison Goodman.  Her book was quite complicated loosely based on ancient Chinese and Japanese customs including the year of the tiger, rat, pig, etc.   Some of the fighting scenes were quite graphic and the society she described was harsh and cruel in a lot of ways.  It wasn’t my favorite story though it is well written.

I’ve been contemplating the revisions to Secrets as suggested by Jessica, which if you read my earlier post consisted mostly of getting rid of the prologue. The reason we had a prologue, though, was to give a lot of background info quickly to move into the main story.  We’re now leaning toward just making Secrets the second book in the series instead of the first.  That way we will “show” the background info instead of telling it.  At the moment, the words for beginning the new book are still twirling around inside my head but soon we’ll start getting them down on paper. 

This could be good because when we’re done we’ll have two books instead of one. 🙂

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