Self Publishing E-books vs Traditional

David Farland makes a point that the traditional route of publishing hasn’t taken into account e-books.  Most traditional publishers buy the rights for a book including e-books and that will make the rights never revert back to the author. If the publisher has those rights and doesn’t continue to print copies, authors stand to lose a lot of money.  It is worth thinking about. Here’s what David says in part:

“So when do you give up on the old system? So much depends upon you as an author. I’m an old guy in my fifties. For me, the old system still makes a lot of sense. But if I were eighteen or twenty, and I was looking at giving up thirty percent of my income on a book for life, just to have it published by some sloppy New York Publishing company that probably wouldn’t do anything to push my books anyway, I’d be giving New York the evil eye right about now. Think about it: is an extra $20,000 in your pocket right now worth a loss of 30% in income on the sales of your book for the next fifty years? That’s the gamble you’re taking on publishing, and increasingly new authors are saying ‘No. I’m not getting enough of a push from existing publishers to make up for the long-term losses.’ They may be right.”

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