Green Grass had an article today on realizing the worth of every accomplishment, no matter the size.  The author successfully sold one book but has more manuscripts subbed and is waiting for a response and bracing for rejection: 

“Small successes are sometimes not given enough weight when a writer doesn’t take time to realize the grass on his/her side is green and lush…. I’m standing knee-deep in thick, green grass. I’ll just fertilize it with more books whatever the outcome of this round. What I’m saying is this: Enjoy the here and now in the process. Rejoice in the small successes along the way. It’s not all about New York Times Bestseller lists and movie deals. It’s about being the best writer you can be. I love this business. Win or lose, I’m in it for the long run.”

I’ve heard several published authors say unpublished writers should enjoy where they are in the process because once you’re published it becomes more of a business and sometimes isn’t quite as fun. Easy for them to say. Hard for us pre-published authors to do. But I agree that it is about being the best writer you can be. 

I’d like to say that I’m wallowing in the green grass of having completed the first book with Jane so that is why I haven’t started on the next one.  But it may just be lethargy mixed with lots of fun family things getting in the way.

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