Consulting Editor Alan Rinzler

I stumbled upon a great blog by Alan Rinzler.  His insights into publishing and writing are very helpful.  I was interested in what he had to say about book series:

“For a publisher, producing a successful book series is like winning the lottery. The rewards can be enormous and ongoing…. So publishers are always working the series angle, both with authors already on the roster, and with new writers and books under consideration. If we smell a potential series in a promising new submission, we try to nail it down with a multiple book contract. That trend is apparent in the numbers of new multi-book deals listed in Publishers Marketplace over the past 12 months, with the greatest number in the following genres.  Multi-book deals in 2010:  Romance – 108 deals,  Mystery & Crime – 73,  YA – 56,  MG – 53,  Science Fiction – 31,  Thrillers – 29,  Paranormal – 27.”

To read more, or bookmark Alan Rinzler’s blog, check out the link below:

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