Bull Rider

My eyes have been really tired the last week.  Maybe because I have macular degeneration (AMD, an eye disease that eventually takes a person’s central vision), and I’ve been working a lot.  There are two kinds of AMD, wet and dry, I have one eye with one kind and the other eye with the other kind.  My doctor said pretty much no one goes blind anymore with dry AMD because the rest of your body would give out way before your eyes.  The wet kind is more progressive.  Supposedly I’m too young to have the disease, but go figure.  

Most of the time the disease doesn’t bother me, and I’m doing what I can to slow its progression by taking “eye” vitamins and getting shots.  But, one day recently, I didn’t want to work on my computer anymore.  So I picked up one of my favorite books–I have a ton of favorites– called Bull Rider, by Suzanne Williams. 

I remembered again why I liked the book so much–good characters, good plot, good writing. It’s a sort of coming-of-age boy’s book since the main character, Cam, is 14 and dealing with how he fits into his family while tackling current topics of concern to teens. If you’re looking for a good read, I highly recommend this one.

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