Old Shoes – update

 I am Debbie’s writing parter in our Timeweaver’s series, as far as the blog is concerned, mostly her silent partner.  Debbie is so awesome and knowledgeable, she puts me to shame.  Her ability to construct and edit a belivable story adds so much to our partnership. 

What I bring  to the mix is a love of words and the images they evoke. When I write, I view the scenes and characters in my mind.   I say a silent prayer to the writing muse  that I might be able to garner the right words and phrases so the reader can see them too. I write what I see and feel and smell and taste.

I am about to get my first book published,  a MG entitled, The Old Shoes. It is a time travel fantasy about a young girl who travels to Salem at the time of the witch trials.  It is being published by Grateful Steps Publishing, a regional publisher in Asheville, North Carolina. The owner and editor is a wonderful lady named Miki Cabaniss, whose mission in life is to help writers achieve their publishing goals.  Needless to say, I’m excited! Check out my awsome cover:                                                                 

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5 Responses to Old Shoes – update

  1. debandjane says:

    Very cool! I’m proud of you Janey!!

  2. Congratulations, Jane! This is a great year for you!
    Is your book going to be on Amazon, or another place I can buy it? It sounds terrific.
    Best to you
    Annette Sheldon

    • debandjane says:

      Thank you Annette for your kind words. Everyting is not quite finalized, but I think it will available through the Barnes and Nobles website. I’ll post a blog when I am certain of the details. Debbie has such nice things to say about you. I hope we can meet on day.

      Jane Lamb

  3. Congratulations! I love the premise of the story and the cover is great! Let me know when it comes out.

  4. Misty D Brown says:

    Jane, I read your book -The Old Shoes. I’m impressed with your writing and creativity. Looking forward to your future writings.

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