Ready-to-publish Manuscripts

If you follow this blog, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t written many posts lately. The reason is that when I’m writing a lot or doing critiques with/for my critique groups, my blog entries dwindle. You know how it goes, there’s only so many hours in a day. I’ll tell you what I’ve been working on another day.  🙂

Anyway, I read something today from Harold Underdown explaining the current idea that in order to publish nowdays, a writer must have a ready-to-publish manuscript. Here’s the quote:

“Ready-to-publish” is a scary term. There’s no standard definition, but it means that the manuscript has been through the wringer. There are no significant problems with the plot, the characters, the pacing. It has also been polished sufficiently that a reader will not keep running into distracting spelling and grammar mistakes, clumsy phrasing, and so on. More polished manuscripts have an advantage. But then, they always have.

~ ~ ~

Any comments?

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