Take the Risk

Have you ever asked yourself or wondered why someone you know bothers to try to write and be published when there are so many writers and books already out there? I read an article on querytracker.net today that explained it nicely. Here’s an excerpt:

“If you never dreamed, never tried, you would never put yourself out there. You would never spend hours and hours writing and rewriting and fixing and polishing and doing it all over again, if you didn’t have something important to say. You wouldn’t spend time learning how to craft a query letter, write up a synopsis, come up with a tagline and keep working on it until you got it right if you didn’t believe in what you were doing.

“And you wouldn’t then send out those queries, those manuscripts, knowing full well that most of them will come back with a rejection attached if you wanted to live quietly in a safe and sheltered world.

“Because by daring to dream, by taking that risk, by opening yourself up for rejection, you are living. And it takes courage to live, to try, to fail, and to succeed. Those rejections cluttering up the dark corners of your inbox are a testament that you have thrown off safe and secure, that you’ve stepped out of the black and white into a world filled with color and possibility.”

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