Book Surprise

I may have mentioned before that I don’t especially like reading YA fiction. I know, I know: I write it, I should love it.

Some I do love.

But some books, especially contemporary YA, seem to be concentrated on the awkward, the grim, the selfish, the dark, and/or the over dramatic moments of teenage life that I’d rather not read about. So when I picked up My Fair Godmother, I did so because I’d met the author, Janette Rallison, at a conference and attended a workshop by her and I felt like I should at least read something she’d written. What a surprise. I loved the book. Janette Rollason did a great job of getting inside the head of a couple of teenage girls and their concerns about boys, high school, fashion, etc.  but she also threw in enough humor and fantasy to make me not want to put the book down until I read it all. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes chick lit. It was delightful!

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