Perhaps you’ve heard, like I have, that blogging is a great way for a writer to network.  For example, I know that Nathan Hale, who is a Utah children’s book illustrator, sold more than one book in 2010 from his blog.  And I heard Christopher Robbins, an editor from Gibbs Smith a Utah based publishing house,  say he has acquired several books from reading people’s blogs. 

So my question: Is blogging a good idea for regular writers (like me) or is it just a fluke?

Maybe the answer is in an article on blogging I read this morning: “The reality is that there are thousands of blogs out there that you can be reading in your quest to build a network of connections. If that approach isn’t exhausting you or taking away from your writing time, it can be a great way to meet and learn from other writers.”

Do you agree?

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