Facebook – random thoughts

Does anyone else think that Facebook is a time waster?

I’m on fb because that is the preferred way for some of my friends/relatives to communicate. However, I agree with the sentiment of a Christmas card I received from a friend that said, if you want to contact her, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way via email because she doesn’t use her fb account. I found it sort of humerous and wondered what people would have thought 100 years ago if they could see the various ways we now have for communicating.   

I must admit, I am fb challenged. I have a hard time uploading photos and rarely change my status. My life is usually pretty mundane and uneventful so why would anyone want to read about it?  

Today, I noticed that there is a new fb profile option and thought I’d update. Couldn’t be too hard, right?  After what seemed like ages to figure out how to change the photos that “automatically” appeared, and a few other things, I decided I don’t care enough to spend anymore time fiddling with it.

So if you want to contact me, please email or call on my phone–preferably the house phone because my cell is usually in my purse where I can’t hear it.

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