Pure Imagination

I read a post by David Farland that inspired me so I thought I’d share… 

“An author needs to be precise in his use of language in order to avoid confusing a reader. I like the quote from Mark Twain who is credited with saying that ‘The difference between the precise word and one that comes close is the difference between LIGHTNING and a LIGHTNING BUG.’

“…In short, try to be precise when you tell your story. Use your words carefully. We bring a tale to life by using just the right words. When you think about it, it’s a wondrous way to make a living—stringing words and prose together in such a way as to create a waking dream in the minds of our readers. It’s not like we’re providing something concrete to our readers, as if we were selling Fuji apples from our orchards, or BMW’s from our car lot. We’re selling pure imagination, and therefore our work must be all the more glorious. “

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