Supportive Spouse

I read a “kick” from David Farland a while back, about supportive spouses making a difference to a writer.  I agree. 

I’m very blessed because my hubby is very supportive!  He “buys my chairs” so to speak.  If you’ve seen the movie Phenomenon, you’ll remember the reference. The doctor says the John Travolta character “gets” the girl because he buys her chairs. Meaning he takes an interest in what she does and supports her in her interests.  That is what my hubby does. With the day off work yesterday,  he took the time to finish reading Timeweavers.  He liked it a lot.  AND he gave me an excellent suggestion to further strengthen the ending.

It is really nice to now have another person who has read the entire book and with whom I can discuss ideas and strategy. For instance, I didn’t have a concrete picture in my mind of the location of all the buildings, etc. in the royal compound. My hubby, who loves maps, said he’d draw one. Very helpful! I took his map and am tweaking it to what I had in mind. The result, I think, will help make the writing clearer.

He also is one of the few who reads this blog regularly. So, at this time of year I want to say to him:  Thanks, Sweetie! I appreciate you!

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One Response to Supportive Spouse

  1. Deb IS lucky to have the supportive husband she has. He is a treasure, through and through.
    Hi, Cal 🙂

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