The Revision Process Continues

As I mentioned, I’ve been reading through Timeweavers making notes on my paper copy of small things –punctuation, paragraphing, occasional word choice, etc.– that I would like to change.  Jane is doing the same and then we’re comparing and combining for a more finalized version.

My husband who is one of the few who has read any of Timeweavers (and BTW he really likes it :)) is now reading my copy with all my pencil marks.  He was surprised, he said, that after all the time that Jane and I have spent on the manuscript and all the changes we’ve previously made, that I was still revising.  But, really, that is what writers do. We write, then we revise again and again and again and again until we get the story to where we are satisfied.

I finished my read-through of Timeweavers last night about 8 p.m.  and overall, I’m pleased.  In my opinion, there is only one chapter that needs some work, plus the little tweaks.  Then when Jane and I finish going over it together, it will be ready for sending out to a few readers for critique.

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