The Craft of Writing

I read and related to this David Farland “kick” today and so I’m passing it on.  The bottom line is: there is always more to learn about the craft of writing; always another aspect which can be improved. Below is an excerpt from the article, perhaps it will help you, too, no matter your vocation.

     “Long ago I learned that I love doing just about any job—for awhile. I worked as an accountant for my parent’s companies as a teen and mastered the job, but quickly grew bored. The same happened when I worked as a meat cutter, prison guard, ice-cream pie maker, and so on. I kept shifting from job to job every few months or years until I began to write.
     “Finally I found a job that didn’t bore me. You see, every time that I felt that I had mastered one aspect of writing, I found that there was something else to conquer. You think you’re a great stylist? Wonderful. Now learn to create engrossing characters. You think your characters are outstanding? Cool, now master your pacing. You believe that your story screams along? I’m excited for you. Now deepen you thematic explorations.
     “You get the picture. No matter how good you are, there’s room for improvement…”

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