If you’ve done much research on writing children’s books, you’ll know one of the best things a writer can do to improve his/her craft is to read and read and read and read children’s books. Sometimes I do this more than other times. I have tons of favorites. Interestingly enough, many of them happen to be Newbery winner or Newbery honor books, many are not. 

I was interested in the 2009 Newbery picks. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, illus. by Dave McKean (HarperCollins) won the medal; while The Underneath by Kathi Appelt, illus. by David Small (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster) was one of the honor books. I really liked both of these books, though they are very different. 

I got my husband to read them, too. He read TU first then TGB, he liked The Graveyard Book better. Recently he reread TGB and is now rereading TU and his comment was, he still likes TGB better.  🙂 

My mom visited me yesterday and wanted a book to read and borrowed The Graveyard Book (after all it is Halloween this weekend). I will be interested to see if she likes it.  

So what do you think a book needs to be good? What is your favorite children’s book or can you get it down to the top 10-20?

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One Response to Favorites

  1. I would have to struggle to get it below 10, but here are the first few that come to mind:
    Water Sky, Jean Craighead George
    Fear Place, Phyllis Naylor
    Kirk’s Law, Robert Newton Peck
    Shabanu,Suzanne Fisher Staples
    and for younger readers:
    A Visitor for Bear, Bonny Becker
    Cookie’s Week, Cindy Ward (absolutely perfect for story times
    On Christmas Eve, Margaret Wise Brown
    Counting to Christmas, Nancy Tafuri
    Thanksgiving, Nancy Tafuri
    Okay, the kids are getting squirrely, so I must end.

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