No Shortcut to Success

In David Farland’s writing ‘kick’ for today, he has a quote I found to be true.

Po Bronson says: (New writers) who succeed early are often rewarded with praise too early, trapping them in a yet-to-mature phase as they attempt to repeat their success. It all evens out over time. Finding a way to allow yourself the time, to buy time as you mature into your writing, is the biggest “how to.”

When I completed my first novel and sent it to an editor, I got a great review even though she passed on acquiring the manuscript. This made me think that what I had written was better than it was. It took me a while to realize how much work that book still needed. 

Later when I got my first contract for a picture book,  I knew that was a fluke. I spent more than a year trying to figure out ‘how’ I wrote that manuscript. That particular project was eventually cancelled when the publisher had financial problems, which at the time was devastating. But now I’m okay with it because I realized I didn’t want to keep writing for that young age.

The point is, there is no shortcut to success. It takes work and it takes time to mature into writing. David Farland goes on in his kick with his personal experience and advice for finding success. If you haven’t read his article and would like to, let me know and I’ll send you a link or the entire text.

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