Gaining Steam

You may have noticed that Jane and I sort of stalled for a while on our Timeweavers book. We’re back at it now and gaining steam. Today, we topped the 86,000 word mark. We should be able to finalize revisions to another chapter tomorrow.

I think we may want to change the order of a couple of chapters. And there is a bit more to write. But we’re getting closer.

When we started this project, and when I started this blog, I thought we would have the manuscript completed by now. I actually thought we would have it done last June. I also thought we’d need 75,000 – 80,000 words to tell the story. Turns out it needs more. I’ll be interested to see what we end up with.

My son teased yesterday that he wondered if the book was real since he’s yet to read any of it.  And well-wishers often ask if Jane and I are done yet. That could get annoying but I just remember the anecdote about a famous poet who said he spent the morning adding a comma, and spent the afternoon taking it out of his current work-in-progress.

I don’t know when Jane and I will have this story complete, but I know we’ll get there. So I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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