Monday Morning and Routines

It’s monday morning. Time to go back to work. But first I have two necessary errands. Then it will be time for my magic shirt. 

A few years ago when I went to my first WIFYR conference, one of the breakout sessions included tips for getting into a writing routine.  I think it was given by Claudia Mills. As I remember, she had a set way of preparing to write. She sat in a certain place, wore a certain outfit, had her cuppa hot chocolate, and she set an hour-glass timer. She worked for one hour for sure. Then if she was on a “roll” she would continue longer. In this way, she had completed a score or more of books.  

My routine is simpler and sort of just happened. When I really want to write, I put on my dark green over-sized Fablehaven T-shirt and sit on the couch with my laptop. That’s it. I got the shirt for free at that same conference. I’m not sure why that works for me. Maybe subconsciously it reminds me of Brandon Mull’s success story, or Claudia’s, and so it gives me hope. Whatever, it works.

I wore it four days last week and got quite a bit accomplished. So when I get home today, I’ll change and go to work.

P.S. Thanks Brandon for writing Fablehaven.

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