I’ve been following a discussion about POVs on an SCBWI listserv. The original question was whether a MG book could have multiple POVs. Several opinions were offered and various definitions were given to describe POVs. Seems like it can be fairly tricky to determine what POV a writer uses or even the definition of the various POVs.

Now days, many/most books are written in either 1st or 3rd person, which is pretty straight forward. But 3rd person limited is popular as well as omniscient limited (that might not be the exact term, but I mean a book where each chapter is limited to one POV, but the book includes multiple POVs) .  Personally, I find books written in 2nd person intriguing.  

The reason POV is important is that if the rules are broken, the reader becomes confused or is taken out of the story to wonder what is happening.  

If anyone asks, Timeweavers is omniscient POV and hopefully we’ve done it in a good way.

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