Practice Writing

I read this quote from Newbery Award winning author, Linda Sue Park on practice writing:

“I ask the young people to try to take writing and put it in the same compartment in their head where sports and music lives, to say, ‘Oh, yeah. Of course. In order to improve at writing, I’m going to have to repeat, or write the same thing again, and try to improve it each time.’ I ask them to try to take it for granted that writing belongs in that same kind of category so that they don’t say, ‘Oh, no. I have to rewrite this,’ but, rather, they say, ‘Oh, well, duh. Of course I have to rewrite it. It’s not gonna be good the first time.’ So, I ask them to try to think about writing in a little bit different way.”

If you’d like to read more follow the link:

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