Writing Away

Jane and I have completed a revision of all we had written to make sure everything flowed well and was consistent. We found a couple of places that needed beefing up, including the ending, and/or where more explanation or description would be helpful. We’re now working on those areas and happily writing away.

I had the chance to talk about TW with a young man whose father is African American and whose mother is white. I mentioned our premise for the variations in skin tone in our book. He was intrigued and thought it was “very cool!” I hope others will agree with him.

I read the following quote a couple of days ago and it has stuck with me so I thought I’d share:

“Craft is the manipulation of story elements: plot, characterization, setting, dialogue, theme, point of view, imagistic language, voice. Craft is essential. It holds the story together. But what holds the writer together? If the writer loses confidence and quits writing, craft techniques are useless.”
— Ricki Thompson, author of City of Cannibals

And so it’s back to work…

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