A rose by any other name…

Jane called me a few minutes ago to say she was browsing at Borders and found a fantasy novel entitled, Time Weaver.  Way too close to our book title of Timeweavers.  I realized that I hadn’t ever taken the time to check to see if there were published books with that title. So I checked now and there’s the one Jane found, plus another actually called Timeweavers.

Oh well.  I told Jane not to worry. The authors had to have completed and subbed their manuscripts a minimum of 2 years ago to have them published and on the shelf.  The situation made me think of something that I read recently: right before John Denver’s song Country Roads was to be released, another singer released a song with that exact title. So John Denver’s song is actually titled Down Country Roads. But now, I don’t think anyone remembers the other song and John Denver’s song is remembered as Country Roads.

So by the time Jane and I actually have our book published, the others could be long forgotten. Or we’ll publish ours with a different title. We could easily title the first book, Secrets of the Kalaghata. And the series could be Timeweavers of Amser or Chronicles of Amser or something else. I think newbie authors need to be flexible and remember that whatever title is used when a manuscript is subbed, is subject to change by the publisher.

Bottom line: if our book is good enough, we’ll get it published with one name or another.

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