I’d write anyway

I ran across a fun website that has interviews with various childrens book writers. Here’s a quote from the great Lois Lowry:

“If I had a rich husband or something and did not have to make a living, I would write anyway. Because for me the most important thing is just the amazing satisfaction one gets, somebody like me gets, just by arranging words on a page and then rearranging them so that they flow differently, better or clearer or say better what you want to say and then to go back and look at them and read them and change them again a little bit. I could just do that all day long. In fact, I do that all day long, everyday.”

I’d like to make a living writing, but, I agree with Lois Lowry, that it doesn’t make a different, I’d still write anyway.

Go to this link if you want to hear or read more:


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