Good News for Fellow Writer

I was looking for something to say in my post for today so I started checking on some of my favorite fellow writers’ blogs. I found good news for my friend Cinda Chima She’s just signed a contract for another book in her Seven Realms series AND for 2 more books in her Heir series. I especially love the Heir books and I think Cinda is a great writer!

I first met Cinda at a Revision Retreat sponsored by our Northern Ohio SCBWI. At the time, neither of us had published a book in the Children’s market. We weren’t in the same group, but we sat at the same table at lunch or dinner. We got to know each other a little. I had to ask her where she was from, because the summer I turned 16, I stayed with my aunt in Idaho Fall, Idaho, and had a friend named Cinda. I’d lost track of that friend, but I’d never met another Cinda.

After a couple of decades, I wondered, briefly, if Cinda Chima was that friend from long ago. Nope, Cinda is a native of Ohio. (So my other friend is still missing, sigh). Nevertheless, Cinda Chima and I have been friends ever since. She’s come to Utah twice for book signings/events, and I’ve enjoyed visiting with her while she’s been here. I’ve heard her speak about the craft of writing a few time, and she knows her stuff. 

She is the one that first introduced me as a pre-published author. I appreciate her encouragement and hope to join her as a published author before too long. If you want a good read, check out her books

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