Writing one scene at a time

I got a “kick” today from David Farland http://www.davidfarland.net/ that was very helpful. He is a great mentor of writers! I hope to meet him sometime and tell him thanks.

Here’s a quote from what he had to say: 

“You need to set goals that are realistic for you under the circumstances that you find yourself in. If writing a page a day is all that you can manage with a busy schedule, it will still get a book done in a year. Setting goals that are difficult or impossible to reach will just stress you out, making it more difficult to write, and they’ll take a toll on the finished product.

“Writing fifty pages of unusable prose in a day is no better than writing nothing at all.

“So I often find that I do well if I set ‘quality’ goals. In other words, I say, ‘I’m going to write a scene tomorrow, and I’m going to focus on making it beautiful, with perfect pacing, a powerful climax, a beautiful metaphor, depth and duality, lyrical language, and so on’…

“Maybe the scene will be two pages, or perhaps twelve, but that one scene is the focus of the day’s work—that and nothing else.”

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