Step 2 – learning about the genre

Step 2 of my Career Plan (see previous blog) was to learn more about the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  Attending Rick Walton’s class was a good beginning. We had several guest speakers who write or publish in the genre: Shannon Hale,  Brandon Mull,  Brandon Sanderson, Clint Johnson,  Mette Ivie Harrison, Stacy Whitman with Tu Publishing, and Chris Schoebinger with Shadow Mountain Publishing.

Plus, I went to LTUE and heard several presentations and speakers talk specifics about “speculative” fiction. The best session for teaching me craft was by Dan Wells.  I also hooked up with the League of Utah Writers, and attended a Lloyd Alexander Collection lecture and exhibit at BYU. 

Along the way, I also found out about Dave Wolverton/David Farland’s website and “daily kick” which are very helpful. I learned a lot from all these people and groups. In fact, I think I’ll do future posts on each one to share what I learned. But for now, let me say that a recent bit of advice from David Farland was what I needed. 

In David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants: A Warning Against Idiotic Advice from Other Writers, among other things, David advised that writers not be overly concerned with the advice to write “fast.” This was good for me to hear because I really wanted to have Timeweavers completed by April 7th when my BYU class ended, and it just didn’t happen.  And in fact, I’ve done nothing on the book for a week.  I’ve had no motivation to write and many things (good things) got in the way.

However, I know this lack of motivation will pass.  It always does.  (How many times have you stopped writing only to be compelled to take it up again?)  Jane and I will get the book written–after all, that is Step 1.

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