Time will tell – part 2 (Jane)

Hi! My name is Jane Lamb. I am the other half of 2weavers. I live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. About fifteen years ago, in the late summer of my life, I decided I wanted to write a book. I had been an avid reader all my life, ever since my proud father took me to get my first library card.  I could only borrow three books at a time, so in a day or two my father would drive me to the Loch Branch library once again and wait patiently while I searched for three more. All those wonderful books filled with people and places and history.  I fell in love with the feel, and the smell and the words of books.

So there I was, finally settled in my personal life with a handsome, kind husband and a financially secure job, feeling like it was time to write a book of my own. After all, how hard could it be? (Ignorance is truly bliss.) I knew a lot of words and I could string them together in coherent sentences. What more did I need? As it turned out, I needed help. I knew nothing about the structure and form of the writing craft. I knew nothing about plot, believable characters, point of view, too many adjectives and the odd notion (at least to me) that sometimes you could say more by saying less.

All these mysterious notions were introduced to me by the other half of 2weavers, Debbie Nance. We met in church and quickly discovered we both suffered from the same itch; the nagging, persistent one, just beyond arms reach. This symptom was caused by the allusive, frustrating writing bug. At the time, Debbie was taking a writing course and was kind enough to share the things she learned with me. Eventually, I followed her example and took a couple courses myself.

About ten years ago, the other world of night turned to sleep and I had what must be every writer’s dream. In my dream, I had written a best seller entitled, The Old Shoes. The spirits of the night were kind enough to give me a title, but left out the part about plot and characters. So armed with only this thin sliver of an idea, I wrote a middle grade book with my dreamy title. It is about a young girl who travels back in time to the days of the Salem witch trials. I am happy to say that I am working with a small publisher http://www.gratefulsteps.com/ in Asheville, NC and I hope to have my first book published this year. (Yes, there is a God.)

Last fall, Debbie and I were talking and I finally convinced her to write a book with me. You can read in her portion of our blog how it all came about. We are almost through with the first book of what we hope will be a three book series. It is hard for writers to be objective about their own creations, but we think it is good. Will anyone else feel the same? Time will tell.

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