Career Goals

Since we’re still working on Timeweavers, I don’t want to give away many details yet. So I thought I’d fill in some posts with info and insights I gained from Rick Walton’s BYU class.  The class was made up of people wanting to be authors, illustrators, agents, editors, and a few stray professions not necessarily related to the Children’s Publishing Industry such as lawyers and accountants. One of the first things we were supposed to do was figure out our career goals. I believe setting goals is a good idea for everyone, whatever their career path. My goal was simple, to become a published writer. I came up with 5 steps to get there and I’ve listed them below. In later posts I’ll tell you how I’ve done so far.  

1. Complete Timeweavers with Jane

2. Learn more about publishing in the fantasy/sci fi genre

3. Network

4. Choose an agent and submit Timeweavers to him/her  

5. Begin next novel with Jane

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3 Responses to Career Goals

  1. Great blog, Debbie and Jane. I recognize Debbie’s voice on the blog. I wish you Godspeed as you release this story to the world!
    Peace and blessings

  2. debandjane says:

    Thanks Annette. I’m looking forward to your visit in June when you attend WIFYR. It will be great! -Deb

  3. kim van sickler says:

    Definitely do-able goals. Good luck! I’ve just started a YA fantasy after spending a couple of years on an MG fantasy. I’m finding it difficult to leave my MG characters behind. But I must! Can’t be a one-trick pony!

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