Hello world!

First off, I’m going to introduce who we are. This info is in the “About Us” section, but like the Prologue in a book, I know some of you won’t read it.

This blog is about Debbrah Jahne, which is the pen name for writers Debbie Nance and Jane Lamb. Nearly ten years ago when I lived in Toledo, Ohio, Jane and I met and became friends. We both have since moved. I live in Utah and Jane lives in North Carolina. For years, we’ve been saying we should write a book together. Last fall we took the challenge. We discovered that our varying talents compliment each other, and we believe that –together– we make one heck of a good writer. This blog is meant to encourage and inspire other writers as we document our journey to success.


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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Deb Herget says:

    Rock on you two…it sounds great!

  2. Bob Beecher says:

    Congratulations on a great start and best wishes for a tantalizing finish.

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